Irootfor seeks to partner with companies with a unique position on the market. We provide expertise in sales and marketing on a global scale, utilizing the regions of our reseller and distribution network. Furthermore, we have a well developed marketing channel which not only boost sales immensely for any product, but it also boost the sales and popularity in its entirety. This strategy of marketing makes us unique. In a world where everyone is competing to lead all traffic to themselves, we redirect all traffic to our resellers and distribution networks, for your specific regions.

Latest News

Florpad™ and Fnatic will join forces to deliver a co-designed mat that gamers can add to their gaming zones to enhance their experience and protect flooring within the home.

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Irootfor-owned Florpad will create a line of products with esports team HellRaisers after the two signed an exclusive long-term collaboration.

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Florpad™ will start producing and marketing Red Reserve branded carpets after signing an agreement with the brand this week.

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