FadeCase started under the name Irootfor AB in the beginning of January 2016 by three entrepreneurs that all had valuable skill sets in Marketing, Sales and the expertise of the Counter Strike scene and community.

FadeCase is a Scandinavia based manufacturer, which specialize in merchandise products that appeal to the gaming market.
During 2016 FadeCase manufactured and sold merchandise products for nearly 500.000$. The main objective was to build up the sales channels and establish resellers in selected countries.

Our most popular product is our replica knives that are inspired from all the different themed cosmetic knives acquired in Game. Alongside with our own interpretations of knives from the game, we also provide our own merchandise knives that we have produced together with the biggest E-sport organisations in the world: Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), Virtus.Pro, HellRaiser, Renegades and Red Reserve.

Our end customers today are between 14-40 years old and play Games.

Country Sweden
Sector Digital Game Merchandise
Investment date  2016-01-01
Investment status  Ongoing
Website www.fadecase.com
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