X-Gamer™ Energy…

 X-Gamer™ is an advanced, effective and innovative energy and focus formula, perfected exclusively for the global eSports, gaming and digital communities.

 A high grade concentrated powder, consumed as a hydration product by mixing with water to enhance a users endurance, reactions and focus. For increased performance, X-Gamer™ contains an energy matrix, 27 multi-vitamin complex to support the body and a nootropic matrix for a sharpening of the mind. Containing zero added sugar and a blend of high quality ingredients, X-Gamer™ has been scientifically formulated to offer a healthier, non-carbonated, low calorie alternative to existing canned, sugary and fizzy energy drinks.

 Originally spawned in the UK during 2014 as an industrial strength energy product for enthusiast and semi-pro gamers, X-Gamer™ has now been reformulated, improved and evolved into a refined, smoothly delivered, high performance energy and focus product line.

 The founders of X-Gamer™, Dale Williams, Dan Davies & Matt Rees, originally engineered the product under it's patriarch company specialising for over a decade in pro-athlete and military grade energy and nutrition supplements. X-Gamer™ is therefore richly endowed with a unique heritage of precision body and mind enhancement and the thoroughbred credentials required to deliver increased endurance, heightened reactions and sharper focus.

 Due to it’s exacting formulation, accredited status, proven track record and growing audience, X-Gamer™ is now expanding internationally. Rapidly becoming the preferred choice of energiser by the global digital community, X-Gamer™ ships daily across the UK, Europe and North America.

 Visit www.x-gamer.co.uk to explore and find out more about our innovative product range.

Country UK
Sector E-Sport Supplement
Investment date  2018-03-15
Investment status  Ongoing
Website http://www.x-gamer.co.uk/
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