Florpad to make HellRaisers mats as Irootfor secures new deal

2018-08-29 13:00:00

Irootfor-owned Florpad will create a line of products with esports team HellRaisers after the two signed an exclusive long-term collaboration.

The HellRaisers logo will be emblazoned on new floor mats from Florpad, as part of the design collaboration. The companies will combine forces to market the product and the HellRaisers floor mat will be used by the team at HR headquarters.

Founded in 2014, HellRaisers is a collection of some of the best CIS Counter Strike players in the world. The team has made a clear mark in Europe and established a strong track record.

“We really value teams we can grow alongside, and HellRaisers are a great example of this as they are constantly developing,” Irootfor CEO Robert Hjelmér said.

“Our collaboration with HellRaisers is very important in helping us enter the CIS region, something that can be difficult without the right partner,” said Sanel Durakovic, Head of Marketing at Florpad

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