Sanel Durakovic, 24

Chief Marketing Officer



I’m the co-founder and CMO at FadeCase.

I have a very strong knowledge about the gaming industry and the marketing/influencer landscape. Through my work with FadeCase I have worked closely with hundreds of influencers and multiple international brands. The key has been to work with a very creative perspective, trying countless strategies and always staying up to date with new methods of marketing. Additionally I have always had an interest for technology and video games, which gives me a unique edge, working within the gaming and entertainment industry.

I specialize in collaborations with influencers to promote products and brands. Through various marketing campaigns I have reached over 55 million people worldwide. Subsequently, I have established a valuable and personal network of influencers and large organizations. Which are at my disposal to use in marketing actions and campaigns.

Moreover, prior to joining university I was an aspiring athlete with an offer of a professional contract and invitation from the youth-national team. However, my passion changed for other ambitions but competitiveness and team play will always be with me. I thrive in a competitive and challenging environment with a lot of things happening.

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