Yousif Ahmad, 24

Chief technology office



Co-founder and CTO.

I started college 2014 in Jönköping. Very quickly I came to realize that this is not what I wanted to do with life, as my drive took me out of school to search for the work I enjoy doing. Since I was a kid I had been playing a lot of video games and understood that this is my passion and what I would desire to work with.

By the end of 2014 I started with trading and selling of digital goods from the gaming market. As my knowledge for the business start to grow I started to advertise an online trading selling post where customers had a chance to purchase their digital goods from my store. My advantage compared to other competitors was my knowledge for evaluating the goods and taking correct decisions. With thousands of hours with work I became an expert and was also helping other sellers to make successful business.  With good success came different opportunities to expand the business. By start of 2015, me and two other business partners developed a platform called “CSGOWHEELS” online where customers could exchange and gamble their digital goods against other users.

As my personality, I am very motivated to continue expanding myself and testing the limits. I used my knowledge of the digital goods and had an idea of creating a real product from the digital world. By the end of 2015 Is when the idea of FadeCase was born. My main business shifted directly and all my energy was turned to FadeCase. I became the product developer and purchase manager due to my unique expertise for the digital goods. By knowing the details of the product, I could develop the need for the customers who was inspired by the digital world. Early January 2016, we officially released the brand with huge success for our exclusive idea. Quickly our brand became very attractive in the manufacturing country, China.

I’m the product developer of FadeCase. I Create concepts and actualize end products. From blue print and design to visiting our factories in China to finalizing production ready for broad line distribution. It’s also my job to seek out new products and visualize new concepts.

I have a very developed network in China covering Steel, plastic, gadget and packaging industry. Through countless trial and error with manufacturers I have sourced solid factories and manufacturers to contract. I visit China yearly to inspect production and to strengthen relations with our manufacturers

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